SCR catalysts
for the cement industry

for clean air

SCR catalysts
for the cement industry

for clean air

Built to last

High-dust SCR is not a vision of the future.
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Significant improvements for catalytic scrubbing in a high-dust process led to its breakthrough as a reliable technology in the cement world. It has now been customised for the cement industry. Soon no-one will be able to imagine our industry without it. This method is tailored to the specific needs of the cement industry.

Each scrubber is a custom system precisely designed by our engineers. In the planning stage, we determine the conditions and all the decisive parameters in the cement plant and customise the system to match these parameters. We complete this task systematically, quickly and cost effectively.

Once a SCR system is installed and we have trained your personnel, you can almost forget about us. There will only be a limited need for our assistance due to the low maintenance requirements. However, would you need support for service or upgrades, we are always available.

If you are interested in the newest high-dust SCR technology available, we are happy to present and explain our system to you. Please contact us here.


These days, cement plants are not only efficiently reducing NOx emissions
but also their associated costs
Who can integrate the catalytic scrubber into the cement process? A team whose innovative engineering leads to more efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solutions. This, combined with more than 150 years of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution’s experience as a market leader in building complete cement plants under the polysius® brand, creates an impressive team in today’s market.

CemCat creates flexible SCR systems that are adaptable to any process condition in any new or existing cement plant. For installation in an existing plant, the system is ideally integrated, saves space and causes minimal interference with the operation of the kiln. Cost effective from the first step!

With this combined expertise CemCat is focusing on money-saving opportunities for cement plants.


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SCR technology

Our SCR system not only eliminates emissions but due to the high-dust arrangement relieves the environment and your budget.
Catalytic denitrification has an additional significant advantage: Not only are nitrogen oxides being converted on the catalyst, but dioxins, furans, mercury and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are also oxidised.

These reactions take place at the same temperature range as the denitrification process. This is why SCR outperforms other technologies not only with respect to NOx removal.

CemCat’s expertise in the SCR process is supplemented by experience with SNCR technology. This system, which has become common in almost every cement plant, is combined with a SCR system and integrated in an overall optimised concept ensuring minimal investment and operating costs. This concept is also highly flexible and able to handle changing operating conditions. The SCR technology from CemCat will provide a high level of investment protection for many years to come.

In order to protect your investment, professional preventative maintenance is highly recommended. We look forward to actively supporting you with this task.

By using our high-dust arrangement, we reduce the amount of equipment required. This not only saves investment costs, but operating costs as well. The catalytic denitrification plant is  installed right after the preheater, thus adapting perfectly to the process. Since the gas temperatures after the last cyclone stage match the operating temperature of the catalyst, no additional heating-up and no additional equipment is required.

The dust cleaning of the catalyst takes place by means of dust blowers which have been optimised by CemCat to meet the rigorous demands of the cement process relating to reliability and energy consumption.

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